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‘Story’ is a word we use all the time – but what does it mean? What makes a story a story?

In this workshop, we’ll breakdown the concept of story to its fundamental elements to figure out what makes ‘em tick –  and then you’ll find out how to
put your ideas or experiences into a sequence that’ll turn them into a compelling narrative, exploring classical story structure using the best of examples (namely Die Hard and Breaking Bad).

This isn’t a writing workshop (so we won’t get into grammar or punctuation or word choice) – we’ll be looking at finding the emotional beats and turning points that will form your plan for prose stories, speeches, work presentations, letters, films, comics… basically, any form you can tell a story in.

You ready?!?

What you'll get

  • An understanding of how stories work, and why they’ve worked the same way for countless generations.

  • A story structure for whatever project you might be working on (or hoping to work on!), completed in the workshop.

  • A storytelling structure template you can take home and use on whatever stories you happen to craft in the future!

what to bring

  • It would be super great if you could watch Die Hard before coming, if you haven’t already. Not a deal breaker, though.


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