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This class is designed for anyone wanting to learn music production and composition using Logic X software. This hands-on and interactive class will explore:

  • How to program, tune & layer professional drums using Logic’s own drum synthesisers and samples as well as 3rd¬†party alternatives.
  • How professional producers maintain interest in repetitive drum rhythms and patterns.
  • How to create groove and bring your drums to life.
  • A basic run through of Time-based effects processors and how using them can help create energy and interest in your drum loops.
  • How to engineer and process your drums so that they are balanced and pull through the mix.

What you'll get

You will gain a basic knowledge of the Logic X software, learn how to produce professional sounding rhythms, and gain a deeper understanding of production techniques.

what to bring

  • A Pad and Pen¬†
  • If you have a Macbook with a copy of Logic X ¬†you can bring it and follow along,¬†although not compulsory