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Beanies and tea cosies are close cousins: once you know the skills to make one you’ll be able to make the other! In this four hour workshop, Pru will show you how you can construct one or both using the same technique, and then embellish it! The course will also cover some yarn decoration basics: pom-poms, duplicate stitch and basic embroidery as well as (slightly) more complicated knitted flowers and leaves.

We’ve scheduled this workshop for a Saturday morning so you can get a crafty kick start to your weekend. Better still why not bring a friend with you and save at the check out? To break up the five hour class we are also providing a morning tea to keep those hands knitting!

The course is suitable for total beginners to intermediate knitters who wish to add new techniques to their repertoire.

What you'll get

  • Your own kit including:Zing Circular Needle, a ball of
    Eden Yarn, a project bag, a gauge ruler and an instruction booklet.
  • Circular needle construction technique, gauge and yarn selection.
  • Geography of a beanie /tea cosies: their similarities and differences
  • Instruction on how to decrease
  • Information about how to create embellishments including pom-poms, duplicate stitch, embroidery, knitted flowers and leaves.
  • Morning tea

what to bring

-Just yourself!


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