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Are you ready to bring Sexy back?!  Ready to learn the art of the tease?

Join us! We are so excited to welcome Porcelain Alice to the Work-Shop team for a night of burlesque fun!

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn everything about the beauty of Burlesque.  You will learn about its history, rise in popularity, and how it became what it is today, and then it’s time to party!  Pin on those fringes, and get ready to dance 🙂

You’ll learn the basic moves, including bumps, grinds, and split squats, then it’ll be time to put on those heels and gloves! Porcelain Alice will teach you a short but sweet routine, where you’ll be able to put everything you learned on show, and become a total burlesque babe!

What you'll get

  • A history lesson, and beautiful routine to practice
  • Your own pair of gorgeous gloves to peel off…

what to bring

  • Heels!
  • A pair of gloves if you already have 🙂
  • Please get dressed up… anything but casual!


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