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Batik for beginners is an introduction to Indonesian batik technique. You’ll hear a brief history of Batik and it’s cultural connections as well as a detailed instruction on the process of making batik, including the method of wax resistant textile dying.

Students will use a canting (traditional tool for applying hot wax to fabric), to draw a design on the fabric which will then be hand dyed multiple colours, and boiled to finish off your very own Batik artwork!

What you'll get

  • A piece of pure cotton fabric, about 35x35cm in size
  • Bees wax and paraffin wax to create different Batik patterns
  • Canting tools to work with
  • Textile dyes for colouring your piece of Batik
  • A plastic carry bag to take your Batik home in
  • ‘Introduction to Batik’ instruction to take with you

what to bring

Excitement and enthusiasm to have a go at creating an amazing colourful Batik artwork!