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If you have ever been interested in learning the basics of Astrology, now is your chance!

You will learn about your ‘big 3’, Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, plus the 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses of astrology. Bringing it all together using each participant’s individual birth chart.

An informative session on the basics of Astrology, we will use your personal, astrological birth chart to do all our learning. This is often your first glimpse into your birth chart and can be very profound.

Understanding your birth chart is much more than just knowing one “star” or sun sign. By looking into the position of other planets, points and zodiac signs at the time of your birth, you can unlock information about yourself that may be the key to fulfillment and personal satisfaction. The astrological birth or natal chart is your universal fingerprint and snapshot into Who You Are.

If you would like to nurture your strengths, understand your challenges and create a framework of guidance, come and join. You will learn so much about yourself; it will be enlightening and inspiring.

A fun and interactive session, giving each person a snapshot of their horoscope and astrological personality.

Please note, that you will be required to provide your birth details; date, time, and place prior to the event so we can calculate your birth chart


What you'll get

  • Astrology Workshop
  • Note paper and pens to use during the class

what to bring

  • An open mind and a willingness to learn


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