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Remove yourself from the snap happy culture we live in and immerse yourself in the mindful practice of film photography. You’ll learn how to take great photographs without relying on a camera’s automatic function. You’ll discover how shooting with manual settings can give you greater control, and empower you to create more interesting images.  This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers alike.

The only prerequisite for the workshop is that you bring your own camera. We will supply the film for the cameras! All film camera’s are different, have different settings, methods of loading film, etc. so we’ll ask that you let us know what camera you will be bringing with you.


What you'll get

  • Students will be supplied with film (35mm film cameras ONLY please!)
  • An understanding of technical jargon such as shutter speed, aperture, so on
  • An explanation of manual shooting with tips on how to shoot mindfully and how to compose and frame your shots
  • Everyones film will be developed by Hillvale Photo in Melbourne, who process and develop the negatives which get uploaded to a dropbox link to be access by the us to then share with the individuals of the class. (Yeah, how good!)

what to bring

  • The camera + lenses you’re hoping to build a better relationship with! 35mm ONLY!
  • If you are brand new to your camera/have rarely used it, make sure it works before attending the workshop!
  • Something to take notes with
  • You will be walking a little bit offsite to shoot, so wear comfy shoes!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.