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Have you ever heard stories of Indian yogis being able to see without their eyes? Witness Liam do it live.

Did you know that in parts of the Philippines they still practice traditional religious ceremonies? One such ceremony involves swallowing sharpened fish bones. See Liam’s modern interpretation

Have you ever been travelling, caught the runs and been stuck without toilet paper? Liam has and has come up with a hilarious and magical solution.

Magic can seduce you anywhere. It happened to Liam in Thailand when he was just 16 and on holidays with his family. He fell under the spell of an American master who had the village roaring with disbelief. Liam was hooked. That was 12 years ago and his life has never been the same since.

At only 28 Liam has spent almost 3 years living and travelling abroad and in that time has visited over 36 countries.

I see a lot of entertainers and Liam is a standout, engaging, funny, and his magic is first class”

– Glenn Frey The Eagles


What you'll get

Around The World in 80 Tricks draws on Liam’s extensive travel experiences. He uses his stories, insights and a touch of imagination to create a weird, fascinating and hilarious magic show.

what to bring

An open mind and a love of magic.