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Antique maps are much more than just representations of geographical space. They are historical documents which can tell stories about the history and mind-set of the people who made them living hundreds of years ago.

In this course, Vince will take you through an amazing historical journey into Asia and China via the first European explorers who came to our region of the world. Starting from the Roman Empire, Vince will show how maps of Asia changed over time as explorers came looking for fortunes & souls and embellishing their maps with strange sea monsters and fake islands. Vince will also explain how antique maps are made, why they were made and how to spot a real antique map from a fake one.

Vince will bring in a collection of original antique maps of Asia, China, SE Asia and Europe that are 300-400 years old including some rare maps of Australia from before Captain Cook.

What you'll get

Participants will:

  • Learn how the elements of print making, calligraphy, drawing, engraving, paper making, ethnography and travel were combined together to create an antique map.
  • Find out more about the early European explorers that came to Asia and what drove them to do so.
  • Hear about why spices such as cloves and nutmeg changed the course of history.
  • Understand how antique maps were made, how to care for them and how they are valued.

what to bring

  • An enquiring mind
  • A passion for travel and exploring
  • A camera or photo/camera
  • Any old maps you may have that you want a valuation or expert opinion on