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Animal inside me is a quirky series of portraits. It shows what we have got under the thin layer. All of us have an animal inside us, sleeping, shrieking or just waiting for the right moment.  It’s good to know which one you’ve got. It’s power of observation – the better you know yourself the better you can hold your emotions, acts, strengths.

We live in days, where we are hiding behind some masks, virtual reality, but nothing is for real.  It’s important to know who you are, what you do and also the reason why you do it. Somebody is hiding a horse and have that need to be free, or a donkey that can be really stubborn.  Don’t hide anymore. Unleash your animal inside you and together we will make a nice portray of you with your animal.

The 2-hour class is broken into two parts, the first half an hour we will focus on finding your animal inside you. We will use power of observation and description to see which one is yours, that’s gonna be fun!

In the second part we will first make some sketches of animals, then a little bit of anatomy of the human body. Once we think we are ready to combine, we will draw our own selfie with the animal inside you.

If we have spare time, I will show you how to do a drawing using the technique of dot shadowing.

What you'll get

Paper, pencils and markers to use in the class.

A finished animal self portrait!

what to bring

Yourself and the animal inside you!

If you can, start thinking about what animal is inside of you before the class…