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So what the f**k is Alternative Acrylics, we hear you cry? At Alternative Acrylics, it’s serious painting technique from a seriously talented artist… with not so serious subject matters.

See, we do find that the painting world is already full of *ahem* kinda boring subject matters. Fruit bowls? Yawn. Vases of flowers? Groan, not again. We’ll have a plethora of wacky and weird objects on hand for you to choose from to paint a masterpiece. Think vintage toys, epic skulls, rusty tin cans, illegal fireworks (you didn’t hear that from us)… You never know what delights you might uncover as your subject matter for your painting.

What about that technique we mentioned? This class will cover the basic and essential techniques of still life painting, including composition, light, and subject matter, and you’ll get experience mixing and blending acrylic paints.

You’ll be provided with two canvases- one to smash out a more “traditional” still life to hone your skills (there’s that damn fruit bowl) and then it’s onto your second masterpiece, where the more fun subject matters come out to play.

All paint / canvas and materials are supplied- come and spend a glorious few hours getting into your brain into creative gear and learning from one of Sydney’s finest artists.

What you'll get

  • Acrylic paint and canvas
  • The essential techniques of creating an awesome acrylic painting
  • Laughs and fun times led by legend Stephen

what to bring

  • Your inner child


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