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The team at Coffee Supreme believe everyone should be able to create exceptional coffee even if you don’t own a dual-boiler, pressure profiled, temperature controlled espresso machine. (Espresso is sooo 2000 anyway)

We’ll have you brewing delicious filter coffee on a modest budget, in any environment, outdoors camping at the home or office or flying in an airplane.

In this hour and a half workshop we’ll help you get the best out of your brewer, teach you some handy tips and give you an insight into one of the largest and fastest growing specialty industries in the world.

So bring along your mug, grinder and brewing apparatus and join the boys at Coffee Supreme for some afternoon brews and good times. If you don’t have any coffee making devices, that’s ok, we’ll provide some of our favorites.

What you'll get

  • Coffee and Brew Devices

what to bring

  • Participants can bring their own brewing device and grinder if they like.