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Did you know that two of the first recognised graffiti writers of New York in the 1970’s were Female?

Join skilled Australian graffiti artist Maid for an all-girl graffiti masterclass as she imparts her wealth of knowledge of the graffiti subculture and aerosol technique in a fun afternoon session.

First, you will be visually guided through a brief history and the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of getting up followed by a blackbook sketch session where you will create and refine your letters or character with Maid’s assistance. Finally you will head to the wall where a hands-on tutorial in spraycan technique will result in your blackbook sketch becoming your very own graffiti piece.

What you'll get

  • Intro to the culture of graffiti
  • A break down on how to structure a piece/ character – including sketching, outlines, fills, and getting it on the wall
  • Run-down on different types of spraypaint, caps, can pressure and colour selection
  • A sketch session with one-on-one assistance
  • Spraypainting! With hands on guidance
  • There will also be a range of prepared letter styles, “names” and character ideas, paper, pens and pencils to use and experiment with.

PLUS – a limited A3 print, signed and numbered by Maid

what to bring

  • Clothes that need more colour on them
  • Sketchbooks/artworks/alter ego
  • Don’t forget your camera!