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Welcome to Beauty School.  A workshop based around changing the perception of standardized beauty through the use of paint and contemporary art practices.

Jess Cochrane is a contemporary portrait artist based in Wollongong who’s work strongly reflects issues in modern society based around beauty and popular culture. In this workshop, each person will create a portrait based over a photograph using acrylic paint and collage techniques to create unique portraits based on one image.

At the end of the painting process, every portrait will be curated on a wall as part of a large-scale installation as a way of questioning the typical standards of beauty as well as embracing all of the different ways in which beauty can exist.

What you'll get

  • A crash course in working with acrylic paint
  • Different painting and collage tips and techniques
  • A discussion on beauty and popular culture in relation to the workshop
  • One A0 portrait per person provided to paint over
  • Acrylic paint, mixing mediums and brushes
  • Binder medium and paste for collage
  • Killer playlist of tunes to paint to

what to bring

  • Please bring a fashion or pop culture magazine with you that you are wiling to cut up
  • If not, an old book with plenty of images you are willing to cut out.
    For example; an old botanical book or a book of maps.