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We all want to be impactful at work without burning ourselves out. When you’re under the pump, it can be easy to get lost in what you’re doing without taking a moment to stop and identify if you’re getting closer to your professional goals.

In the workshop with Rachel Service (the Happiness Concierge) you’ll learn tactical tips to clarify what it is you’d like out of your job and shortcuts to manage boundaries and workload as you achieve that goal.

Rachel will also share her own experiences of managing anxiety, stress, depression and even burnout to illustrate the scary ways not managing your boundaries can have on your effectiveness.

What you'll get

  • Get clear on what your wider goal is and learn small ways to step towards a career that’s really fulfilling
  • Tactics to manage expectations and say no at work
  • Ways to have a constructive conversation with your clients and colleagues
  • How to ‘batch’ your tasks into your most productive hours

what to bring

Just yourself!


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