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Daniel, better known as EARS for his public works uses a lyrical yet confident line to make figurative studies and abstractions of the portrait.

His exploration of various media and playful approach to painting has relied heavily on a drawing foundation. In this workshop, the main objective is to dispel the myth that there is a right/wrong way to draw. Instead, working with the belief that drawing and mark making is a primal human instinct as intrinsic as dancing or singing.

Referencing the Action painters of Abstract expressionist era, this class aims to bring us out of a concerned and analytical headspace and back into the physicality of mark making, have fun and feel empowered by the idea that there is no wrong way to draw.

A rare opportunity to explore some of the processes and ideas behind this artists approach to drawing and then applying these ideas to your painting process.

What you'll get

The workshop will explore three main ideas:

Mark Making – and its use for expression. This is about connecting back with impulse and letting go of judgment or expectation for outcome. Its about enjoying the process and responding to your instincts.

Emotion – as a tool for expression will be explored using key words as a starting point for generating spontaneous drawings that aim to discover a feeling in the line.

Collaboration – A part of this class will be about responding to the marks and ideas of others, doing this enables us to learn more of our own mark and how to have a conversation through the language of line and form.

All art supplies will be provided.

what to bring

  • Any brushes, pens, pencils, sticks that you like to use


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