Goodspace Gallery in Chippendale are crusaders for home-grown artists. This week Sydney-based artist and illustrator, Lynn Nguyen is occupying their halls with her first solo exhibition, ‘POSSESSION’.

A haunting, yet thought-provoking exhibition, her images explore ideas of demons and malevolent spirits that enter a person’s physical body and manipulate it.


Upcoming exhibition: POSSESSION

In a modern society infiltrated with data collection and anonymous online existence, unseen identities or ghosts can inexplicably alter computer software and cause hard-drive crashes. Nguyen’s exhibition explores the complexity and challenges of these digital spaces, combining them with narratives of magic and supernatural horror.


A taste of Nguyen’s compelling portraits. Image:


Nguyen has created a series of intentionally corrupted digital installations, representative of demonic possessions, by collaborating her detailed portraiture with data bending.

In a visually interesting and imposing series, Nguyen’s exhibition serves as an insight to the corruption of the digital and how much it can inadvertently destroy our lives. It will certainly challenge you to evaluate the meaning of possession, and how it can inextricably consume. Discover the subtlety of shadows, and the greatness of darkness.

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Lynn Nguyen herself. Image: @pyrrhics

Check out the exhibition and join the gallery for drinks on Wednesday 14 October at 6pm. You can also explore Lynn Nguyen’s blog here:

Instagram: @pyrrhics


Written by Emily Barlow