Freshly maked goodies from Australia’s finest artists, designers and makers

Continuing on our crusade for creativity, Work-Shop have set up The Makery, an initiative to help local artists, designers and makers exhibit and sell their creations in a prime retail location without the headaches and costs associated with setting up their own shop.

Located at 106 Oxford Street, Work-Shop Makery flanks the emerging creative space precinct in Darlinghurst. The concept is simple. Vendors pay a small weekly fee to rent out one of the unique display environments in the shop, which you can customise and style to your liking. The Makery will sell your goods without any mark up or commissions so all of the “dough” goes to the maker.

We want to give creators the opportunity to connect with people on a grass roots level. Makers are encouraged to participate in “Meet The Maker” sessions where they can have direct interaction with the public to explain their inspiration, process, values and even do live demonstrations. Goods will be on display amongst a carefully selected pool of local talent.

“In the age of mass production, Work-Shop wants to reignite the value of things that are carefully crafted with thought and love. We also want to bridge the disconnect between consumers and where they get their goods from and give Australian makers an amazing platform to showcase their wares” says Chester Garcia, one of the founders of Work-Shop.

With the momentum and attention currently surrounding Work-Shop, vendors can be assured to get great exposure and media coverage. Not to mention incredible foot traffic from one of Sydney’s busiest and most iconic streets.

To get a real feel of the space, take a walk through the Makery via Google Photo Spheres.


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Trading hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Makers in store:

 Maison Blanche Candles | Chase Fate | Times Flys | Whimsical Art |  Maria Harding |  Needs and Wishes  Tinny |   Little Pieces Of   | The Scallywag Society | Little Dirty Dish | Fiona Roderick | Littlehoothoot   Ausmates |  Curium | Paul Lockwood Art  | Kylie Walsh | Made by Mabsie || Haus of Dizzy |Li’l Joey    Ellen Macintyre Illustrations  | Daring Flowers | NessyART | Vinyl Design | Play Clay  | Paula Formosa Art Bianca Beers  | Everything’s Good  | Belinda Tee Ceramics | Sydney Scarf Store  | Scentsorie                  Seema Stamou Ceramics   | Hunter Candles |  Dada Jewellery | Karen Redlich | Sisko Sisko Designs Headless Nation | Blossoms Lab | Hester Clark | Musubi | Dan Hu Artistry Sam Shennan |  Lucy Hughes Ayana Jewellery| Miss Wong Emporium 

Past makers:

Carna The Label | Rachel Sheree | Jenepher Walker Millinery | T Totaler Tea | Beste Ogan Design  | Catherine Spinks | Seventh Tree Soaps |Blossom Tree DesignIron + Oak | Trove My Treasures | Loki & Co. | Maple Rose | Bottlecosm | Fairtale | Illuminati Jewellery | Emperor Qin’s Knots | Chubba Art and Design |  Marie Antuanelle | Cyclette | Meander | Found by Ange  | Omnifem | Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery | Coconut Love | Sweet for AnaTJHans Madoery | Art Potential | Yelena Art Studio | Perri Dee DesignIllariy | JCMF | Shot By Hamish | Planet Eve Organics | Inoui | You Are Brave | Miss Fish | Surreal Pete | Kettle Town |  Silverm&n | NM Dezignz | Loni ThompsonGuna Natural | Little Noisy Miner | Oodlies | You Me Happy | You Individuelle | Kitten Vintage | Buck Grooming | Fred Bear | Above the Canopy | Sheep-ish | Sophi Odling | Sharon Williams | Pounds and Ounces | Mint Myrtle |  Dubler Design Tallowdale Tea  | Outer Island  Cleanse With Benefits |Natta Millo | Kaliada Art | Erlenmeyer Art |  Fiona Henderson | Strums Art | Anvil Creek | Derum | Ish Designs |Jiv.elan | Mooza Designs  | Happy Pink Apple | Little Myym