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This workshop is designed as an introduction to the physical and conceptual approach to working with a spray cans and covers a range of aerosol art tips and techniques such as…

  • anatomy of a spray can and features of various brands
  • nozzle selection
  • physicality, saftey and ethics of operating a spray can
  • the design elements and principles applied to spray painted artwork
  • incorporation of mixed media approaches such as stencils, pasties and paint markers

Through basic skills development, you will gain the confidence to work with spray paint as a medium for your own arts practice.

The workshop will cover spray can techniques and introduce you to other street art and graffiti forms such as tagging, piecing, stencilling and paste ups, various terminology and ways to approach painting.

You will experiment with these techniques to create collaborative works and your own individual piece on MDF board.

What you'll get

  • Spray cans, paper, drawing materials, disposable gloves and masks to use
  • Small MDF panel on which to create your own work
  • A nice small class, maximum of 8 people

what to bring

  • If you have your own respirator mask that would be great. If you don’t, don’t stress, disposable masks and gloves will be provided.
  • Sketchbook, visual diary, with some concepts.
  • Reference materials if you have something you’d like to work from.


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