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In this 2.5 hour workshop with local resin peeps, Stacey and Sarah from Flock Curiosity Assembly, you’ll learn an array of beginner skills to make your own one part silicone moulds based on your own small object and jewellery designs. 

You’ll be introduced to the working with silicone, learning how to create your own custom moulds using this versatile medium, suitable for making your own resin jewellery and small scale objects at home.

Stick around for the afternoon Resin Jewellery Workshop and combine your new mould making skills, with some hands on resin jewellery making. Enter the code FLOCK10 when booking and get 10% off (offer only applies when booking for both the Resin Jewellery + Resin Mould Making workshops).

What you'll get

  • Silicone for approx. 2 small moulds which you get to keep
  • Polymer clay to make moulds from
  • Containers for your moulds
  • Mixing equipment
  • Aprons/Gloves


what to bring

Just yourself!



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