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“Public speaking is better than sex”, said no-one,ever.

Well, actually, it doesn’t have to be so scary.

Public speaking is more like a conversation than a performance. Come to this workshop if you want a #paradigmshift in relation to your presentation skills.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of what makes a persuasive speech, how to make it an enjoyable process and how to channel your own strengths into your approach.

These tools will come in handy whether you’re presenting to peers, potential employers, the public or the mirror!

You’ll get school’d (or unschool’d – there may be some unlearning to do) by a public speaking aficionado who is a trained Journalist and Solicitor, has taught speech communication at Uni, given workshops in companies such as Contiki (#noregrets), and coached business owners, professionals and school kids on how to kick ass and have fun in presentation land.



What you'll get

  • Ideas, tools, exercises
  • A one-page checklist for use whenever you need to prep a presentation in future.

what to bring

  • A pen / note taking tool
  • A friend or colleague (optional)
  • Leave any inhibitions / self-doubt at home… NO… in the bin!


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