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Join New Zealand based multidisciplinary artist, Cinzah, for this exclusive studio workshop where you’ll not only gain insights into his creative process, you’ll also delve deeper into your own personal practice, exploring new ways of thinking and creating.

Painting from, and for his environment, Cinzah often expresses his views about pressing environmental issues through a strong sense of colour, movement and balance. His work also explores themes such as the interrelationship between man and nature, duality, mythology and story telling. Drawing from this, Cinzah will guide you through a series of exercises that explore our place and our arts place within the wider context of our environment, and the role art can play within public spaces. 

Delving deeper into nature and drawing inspiration from found objects, you’ll examine raw structures and textures to reimagine new creations and ways of mark making. Through this process, you’ll then experiment working with mark-making at a larger scale, developing skills and techniques that can be applied within your own art, whether it be on paper, canvas or on a wall.

Expanding from this process of experimentation, you’ll be handed some cans of spray paint, paintbrushes, rollers and DIY mark-making tools, so prepare to make a mess and have some fun! Cinzah will guide you through the process of mural production and working in a collaborative manner. Working as a group, you’ll conceptualise and paint a large scale mural, learning about materials, composition, and painting techniques along the way.

Whether you’re an emerging or established artist, or simply want to tap into your creative side, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from Cinzah and gain a deeper understanding of your place in the world and the role your art plays.

What you'll get

  • All art materials provided including spray paint, house paint, rollers, DIY tools, drawing materials
  • Reference materials including images, objects and artefacts
  • A limited edition signed print by Cinzah

what to bring

Bring along your own reference item/s – something that resonates with, or inspires you – be it found items, recycled materials, textural elements found in a lane way, old wood, metal, plant life, leaves, dead insects, bones. Anything that you feel a connection to!


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