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No matter what your form of creativity is there will be times where ideas don’t seem to flow… or even trickle, in fact your well of ideas might feel like a desert. Whether you’re going through this now or not when creative blocks strike we can feel everything from frustrated through to frightened and many other emotions in between. In nearly all cases a creative block begins in our mind with our thoughts.

In this workshop we use different mediums including art making, writing and playing to become reacquainted with our creativity again. We look at the common causes of creative blocks, tips to overcome these challenges and best of all we get out of our heads and into creating. You will leave this workshop empowered to turn the tap that will get the creative juices flowing again.

What you'll get

  • Various art and craft materials to get those creative juices flowing!

what to bring

  • Curiosity, and an open mind
  • A dash of courage and a willingness to play


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