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Aside from making art, the hardest part of being an artist is navigating self-promotion and professional relationships. Regardless of whether you’ve been making art for two months or ten years, finding time to write artist statements and network with galleries and collectors can be difficult. Not to mention maintaining a healthy social media presence. Trust us, we know! We understand! And we want to help you.

Hence our workshops. They’re an opportunity for you to work directly with us on your online presence and professional network. We’ll answer your questions, help you build an effective strategy, and teach you what we’ve learnt over the years about fostering relationships with galleries and collectors.

What makes us so qualified to talk about this stuff? Well, beinArt Gallery has over 500K followers on Facebook, more than 150K on Instagram and a 7K+ opt-in mailing list. We like to think we’ve got a pretty good handle on social media, and we’ve also got years worth of firsthand experience in reviewing artists statements and exhibition proposals. And the best thing is you don’t have to make the type of art we exhibit at beinArt Gallery to take advantage of our straightforward, practical advice. We strongly believe that just as art and creativity are universal; so are solid networking skills!

What you'll get

  • Advice on how to construct a tailored social media plan on how to build and maintain a healthy mailing list including how to structure your time day-to-day and schedule social media posts to gain optimum engagement
  • Insider knowledge about how to approach galleries, websites, agencies and studios
  • A stack of carefully selected of useful templates and articles.
  • The option to purchase a copy of Launching Your Art Career by Alix Sloan; the creative bible for contemporary artists ($15 pre-purchase online or bring cash on the night).
  • A beer on arrival thanks to Young Henrys

And here’s what you won’t get:

  • Us telling you what to do with your art or negative critiques of your work
  • A lot of industry clichés or financial mumbo-jumbo
  • A giant squid.

what to bring

  • Bring along your current artist statement & social media profiles (optional)
  • Something to take notes with (pen and paper or computer/tablet)


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.