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Learn how to create rubber stamps with your own designs and make your own wrapping paper, printed fabric, gift cards and small art prints. During the class we will look at creating stamps that can be used as stand-alone images with multiple colours as well as repeat prints.

This fun class will introduce you to the basics of relief printmaking by taking you through the process of designing, transferring your image onto lino blocks, carving your own set of small stamp, mounting them on wooden blocks and finally printing them using stamp pads on fabric and paper.

Everything you need to make stamps will be supplied for the workshop, and you will take home a length of wrapping paper, fabric and prints on paper as well as your new set of handmade stamps – made by you!

You’ll also get all the information on tools and materials used so you can continue making stamps at home.

The class is suitable for both beginners and those more familiar with relief printmaking techniques.

What you'll get

  • Make stamps featuring your own designs and print them!
  • A great introduction to relief printmaking techniques.
  • A selection of handmade stamps mounted on wooden blocks – made by you!
  • A piece of fabric, a length of wrapping paper, cards & art paper to print your designs onto.

what to bring

  • Just you and your stamp design ideas!


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