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Learn to create your own bohemian-inspired dreamcatcher!

Traditionally placed above your bed, dreamcatchers are said to catch any bad dreams or negative thoughts in their delicate web, releasing them into the first rays of the daylight sun.  Added feathers, ribbons, or seashells help to make each and every dreamcatcher unique to their owner.

Join Kai, of Native Soul Art, as she teaches you how to make your own beautiful dreamcatcher.  Using upcycled lace, and decorated with ribbons, leather, feathers, beads and other treasures, Kai will demonstrate step by step, how to weave and construct a dreamcatcher that is uniquely YOU!

You will be provided with all the materials and learn the basic techniques to create your own catcher.

What you'll get

  • All materials needed! Ribbon, lace, feathers, beads, shells, and dreamcatcher hoop

what to bring

  • Bring your eagerness, and imagination!
  • Any materials you want to add to your dreamcatcher, to make it uniquely your own (think shells, feathers, charms!) 🙂


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