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Cyanotype printing is photographic printing process invented in the early 1840s. Also know as shadowgraphs or blue prints this relatively simple process produces prints that are cyan blue. One of the first pioneers to put the cyanotype process to the test was Anna Atkins who in 1843 produced a book illustrated with cyanotypes.

With little or no photographic knowledge it is possible to create beautiful images with the cyanotype process. Images can be printed on a range of surfaces such as fine art papers and cloth by exposing objects on the medium in the sun. We will use a range of objects to block out light and create images from, including, flowers, leaves, lace, stencils and negatives to create ‘blueprint’ images.

This introductory workshop will walk students through the steps of creating images using this historic and fascinating process.

What you'll get

  • Learn about the Cyanotype process and use the sun to expose treated paper to make amazing and beautiful blueprints.
  • Gain a new skill in a relatively simple and effective photographic & print process for your practice.
  • A selection of beautiful prints made during the workshop.

what to bring

  • Flowers, leaves, lace, stencils, negatives or objects that you can use to create images from.
  • Watercolour papers to make more¬†prints (some will be supplied).


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