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Incense is considered to be one of the earliest types of scent. Its fragrant smoke sending prayers to the heavens ‘per –fumum’ (literally ‘by smoke’). We become transported from our daily lives into a sacred place.

In this workshop; perfumer Jocelyn Fullerton will be introducing you to incense ingredients, incense forms and incense blends. We will talk of incense games, incense clocks, and how incense can be used to perfume you and your home.

She will transport you and take you on a sensory journey through time and place to the origins of incense, the myths, legends and lands incense ingredients come from.

In this 2 hr workshop, you will get to sample precious resins, woods, spices, herbs and flowers. You will also have a chance to create your own incense blend to take home.

You will also get to sip on some wine from Cake Wines!

What you'll get

  • Incense ingredients to blend and smell, charcoals to take home and equipment necessary for you to make your own incense blend.
  • Notes on incense for you to take home
  • Wine will be supplied by Cake Wines

what to bring

  • Your sense of wonder, a notebook and a pen


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