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The holiday season has started and it is time to create your own DIY holiday cards and/or gift-tags, your friends and family will love your special, hand-made cards.

We’ll be printing our holiday cards using the lino-cut technique. A great and accessible technique, that allows you to easily mass-produce your beautiful, hand-made cards.

During the workshop you will not only learn about all the basics but we will also show you how to take your lino-print to another level: watercolors or collage anyone?

Remember, it is all about having a good time, and lino-cutting is a very forgiving medium, so whatever you will make will look great!

What you'll get

  • Will learn the fundamentals of lino printing; from drawing and carving your image, to inking and printing.
  • Create: you can choose to do a large lino-cut or a few smaller ones that you can use as stamps. The smaller ones will be great to hand print your gift-tags!
  • You’ll get a glass of wine to get into that festive spirit

what to bring

  • You can bring your own images for inspiration, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, plenty of inspiring images and ideas will be provide


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