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Think storytelling is just for kids?

Storytelling is a central part of Sierra Leonean culture, with a tradition used to bring family & community together, to learn life lessons, challenge ideas and to inspire. Storytelling reminds us, as ‘grown ups’, of how important it is to be playful, expressive and and creative in our lives.

Workshop participants will experience a story performed by Yarrie Bangura, discuss and learn about storytelling and its place in Sierra Leonean culture, and form their own unique story inspired by a personal experience, idea, cause, memory, or anything else! We’ll practice techniques and discuss the different purposes of telling a story. The class will also learn how song, dance and performance is used in Sierra Leonean Storytelling, and how to incorporate these elements into the stories we tell in our own lives.

*Yarrie Bangura is a Welcome Studio artist, an art-based social enterprise partnering with people seeking asylum & refugees to create positive social change and spread a message of ‘welcome’. Welcome Studio artists are from refugee backgrounds or are currently seeking asylum in Australia. They bring and share art and craft skills from their own cultures and experiences that enrich our Australian culture and society. Find more about Welcome Studio at www.welcomestudio.com.au

What you'll get

  • An understanding of storytelling & performance culture in Sierra Leone

  • Sierra Leonean ginger tonic (think yummy ginger beer, not medicine!) to drink, hand-brewed by the teacher, Yarrie

  • The opportunity to workshop an idea, experience or memory into an engaging, poetic & performative story for your family and friends, preferably whilst sitting around the fire

  • Storytelling time with the group following Sierra Leonean traditions

what to bring

  • A story idea, memory or experience to use as the basis for your story

  • Yourself and your curiosity to learn something new!


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