Looking for a unique activity for your next team building adventure, minus the cringe factor?

From street art and doughnut making through to harmonica and cocktail mixology, our fun range of team building activities is designed to fire up your team and get them thinking outside the box.

Sure our workshops promote interaction, creative thinking, problem solving, positive communication, time management and individual/team development but let’s cut to the chase… They’re shitloads of FUN!

Rather than bang on about how great we are, here’s what our clients have to say!

“We approached the Work-Shop team in a flurry due to a late notice cancellation and the way they responded was the same way our project together continued: professional, efficient and personalised. Already aware of their work and genuine passion, we deliberately gave a brief with room to incorporate their creativity and this trust in their understanding of our brand and direction was paid back in bucket loads – our event truly exceeded our expectations.

Their effortless attention to detail provided one of the most comprehensive events we’ve had to date and I look forward to working with Chester and Matt again soon.”

Zoe Ottaway – Assistant Brand Manager @ Little Creatures Brewing

“At Virgin Mobile, culture and team are so important. So when we get to spend “team building” time together, we want to make sure the company we use are like-minded in their approach. We definitely found this with the Work-Shop crew! It was easily the best team event we’ve done, and we’re already planning our next Work-Shop team day.

The space is creative, the courses are so much fun (we did hanging gardens and street art) and the facilitators really brought something special to the day. Chester looked after us with lunch, drinks, expertise and laughs. Often at these events, once the “compulsory fun” is over everyone scatters. But at Work-Shop it was the opposite. The whole team stayed all afternoon, sharing stories with each other .

If you want a unique, fun, relaxed, affordable and flexible team day out of the office, you should choose WorkShop. You’ll love it”.

Alicia Mack – Associate Director @ Virgin Mobile Australia 

“Our marketing offsite at Work-Shop was one of the best team building days I’ve ever organised and participated in. Chester and the team are relaxed, creative and very accommodating.

The space was a welcome change for the eBay marketing team and the activities Work-Shop suggested were spot on. It is not a place where you will be presented with corporate learning outcomes and forced team building challenges – it is a naturally engaging experience which will bring your team together and facilitate relationships through creativity.

In addition, their philosophy around providing an accessible creative space for the community is something to admire.

The feedback from the marketing team was glowing. “Best. Offsite. Ever” was something I heard more than once in the days following. I can’t recommend Work-Shop highly enough if you’re looking for something a little bit different for your team”.

Tracy Hall – Head Of Brand & Communications @ eBay Australia